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Chris Morgan is a British-American ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker, TV host and podcaster (PBS, BBC, Nat Geo, NPR). His stories from 6 continents have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide as part of his mission to connect listeners to nature and to help conserve our beautiful planet.

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Chris is the host and co-creator of 'THE WILD with Chris Morgan’, (KUOW-NPR) a podcast that transports people back to nature through exquisite, immersive storytelling about wildlife, conservation, and the wonders of our wild planet. Within its first year, the podcast hit the top 1% of all podcasts and has become a hub for Chris’s storytelling through audio and film….all part of his mission to reconnect people with nature, so they fall in love with it, and want to protect it.

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Filmmaker & Host


Chris has hosted and narrated Emmy award-winning TV productions for PBS, BBC, National Geographic Television, Terra Mater & The Discovery Channel. He is the co-founder of Wildlife Media, the non-profit organization that produced BEARTREK, a feature-length documentary (premiered in 2018) that follows Chris’ journey by motorcycle to Alaska, Peru, the Canadian north, and Borneo. The film’s campaign has generated support and exposure for critical bear conservation projects in these areas.

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Public Speaker & Voice Work

Chris has transported thousands of people to the wildest places on earth in their minds through his world-class live presentations. His passion, knowledge, experience and wit are infectious. The events combine adventure, laughs, inspiration, and stories from the wilderness that will stay with you forever. All told through stunning photographs and film clips.

WILD Guide

For more than 30 years, Chris has worked as a wildlife researcher, wilderness guide and environmental educator on every continent where bears exist. He is never happier than when he’s immersed in bear country, “the real world” as he calls it, and thrives on sharing his passion with others.

Customized exclusive trips for groups and families to the wildest places on the planet for unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences among polar bears, grizzlies, and more. Recent trips hosted and guided by Chris include snorkling in Darwin's playground - The Galápagos, polar bear viewing expeditions to Svalbard and Alaskan brown bear viewing in Katmai.  One Year Notice required to set up exclusive trips. 



"The Wild was a sanctuary for me during the pandemic - I always loved the show but it did more for me than I can express over the past year.  

I listened to an episode every night before bed.  There are some I have easily listened to over fifteen times :)


It helped me feel connected to the outside world and gave me a lot of serenity. For that I am truly grateful to you."

—  Scott

To me, nature holds the answer to everything. By falling in love with the natural world, we want to protect it. And by protecting it, we keep our life support system healthy - fresh, clean air and water, thriving soils, and ecosystems full of wondrous species that have taken millions of years to evolve. Ecosystems that we could not live without. Discovering and protecting these places is so exciting, and inspiring, AND it just so happens that protecting forests, oceans, and biodiversity is the solution to slowing climate change. So don't despair - we can all push towards a tipping point where nature becomes a priority for the world - where nature is given the chance to breathe life into our existence as humans. And remember, so many people are doing good things - you may not have heard of them, but find them, support them if you can, and help spread the really does catch on, because humans love a good story, and most people I meet want to be a part of the happy ending that is within reach. 
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