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Award-winning ecologist, conservationist, podcaster, TV host, and author

Chris Morgan is a British-American ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker, TV host and podcaster. His stories from 6 continents have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide as part of his mission to connect listeners to nature and to help conserve our beautiful planet.

For over thirty years his ecology and conservation work has focused on bears and other large carnivores worldwide.

He emigrated to the US from the UK in 1997, and in the year 2000 co-founded the award-winning community-based education program, the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project (GBOP; now Western Wildlife Outreach, WWO), which was designed to bring scientifically credible information about grizzly bears and restoration to local communities of the North Cascades in Washington State.

Through his work as a wilderness guide he has escorted hundreds of people into wild locations around the world from the Arctic to Antarctica, to share the wonder of nature, and trigger conservation initiatives.

Chris has hosted and narrated many television shows for PBS, National Geographic Television, BBC, Discovery Channel, and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. He has become a familiar voice of the television series PBS Nature having narrated numerous films since 2011 on topics ranging from lions to pelicans and the Australian outback.

Chris authored the book 'Bears of the Last Frontier'. This large format publication describes the experience, the bears, and behind-the-scenes insight from the production of the PBS Nature television series of the same title that Chris co-created and hosted.

He is the co-founder of Wildlife Media, the non-profit organization that produced BEARTREK, a feature-length documentary (premiered in 2018) that follows Chris’ journey by motorcycle to Alaska, Peru, the Canadian north, and Borneo. The film’s campaign has generated support and exposure for critical bear conservation projects in these areas.

Chris is the host and co-creator of 'THE WILD with Chris Morgan’, a podcast that transports people back to nature through exquisite storytelling about wildlife, conservation, and the wonders of our wild planet. Within its first year, the podcast hit the top 1% of all podcasts (8 million downloads and counting) and has become a hub for Chris’s storytelling through audio and film….all part of his mission to reconnect people with nature, so they fall in love with it, and want to protect it.


Enjoy the two minute video intro to Chris's work below.  

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