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THE WILD with Chris Morgan Podcast     
7 million downloads and counting

THE WILD with Chris Morgan brings stories from the natural world right to your ears in a beautifully immersive way. You’ll feel like you are right there with Chris in wild places all over the world, alongside wildlife ecologists, researchers, and colorful characters on the frontline. On every episode we set out to tell inspiring stories that carry you away, and fascinate you. As one listener put it “THE WILD is the Planet Earth of podcasts!”. Listen on the go, or as many fans tell us - in the wild. But don't forget to take time to listen to the wilderness, wherever you are. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and enjoy stories of hope for the planet we all share.

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THE WILD is a production of KUOW in Seattle in partnership with Chris Morgan Wildlife and with major support provided by Wildlife Media. It is produced by Matt Martin and Lucy Soucek, and edited by Jim Gates. Brendan Sweeney is KUOW’s Director of Innovation. It is hosted, produced and written by Chris Morgan. 

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