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THE WOLF RANGER | Field Production Photo:  (Chris Morgan Left, with Wolf Ranger Daniel Curry

By Megan Farmer

SURPRISE VISIT | Chris at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School, NJ




Would you like to bring a little wild inspiration into your classroom? Our great friend, collaborator, and celebrated high school science teacher Zach Rittner (Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, New Jersey) has made it easy for you. He has developed 'THE WILD In Your Classroom' (TWYC) for us - a way to use THE WILD with Chris Morgan’ podcast to give students authentic, meaningful experiences that cultivate a lifelong sense of wonder and fascination with scientific learning, nature, and environmental stewardship. A perfect way to provide teachers and students with compelling options for engaging in the natural world while augmenting classroom experiences.

All TWYC lessons and activities have been NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned. All the resources you’ll need are right here.

TEACHERS! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO to inspire the next generation. We’d love to hear your story as you try TWYC out.


Watch a 3 minute video produced by Mr Rittner's high school students, including a surprise visit by Chris


Funding for THE WILD In Your Classroom provided by Jill and Scott Walker and the WILD Angels. THANK YOU SO MUCH for investing in the next generation of naturalists and conservationists.

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